Kaleido-gami is an interpretation of the motion of the kaleidoscope in book form. In this project, active participation is required from the viewer. Through an open progressive set of steps, each contributor build a customized paper sculpture booklet assembled. The result is that the colored fragments have been reordered in unexpected sequences and patterns due to the input.
2015, Booklet, 5*5 in, Variable Dimensions, Elastic band binding 

Featured in Odds and Ends Art Book Fair, 2015, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA

RISD Fleet Library Special Collections

Contributors: (In order of appearance) Lake Buckley, Boyang Xia’s second Kaleido-gami, Sarah Mohammadi, Sarah Jean Recht, Boyang Xia’s first Kaleido-gami, James Chae, Desmond Pang, Bon Hae Koo, Brandon Olsen, June Shin, Diane Lee, Wooksang Kwon, Minryung Son, Hyein June, Cem Eskinazi, and Becca Leffell Koren.